NCAA Men and Woman's Ice Hockey Fundraiser

NCAA Men and Woman's Ice Hockey Fundraiser

Fundraising is a huge part of each hockey program and every year alumni, parents, students and fans try and do their part financially to ensure that they carry on a great hockey tradition!

The Ultimate Hockey Fans celebrates their passion for hockey by manufacturing unique ceiling fans that add the “wow factor” to our customer’s homes. This ceiling fan comes with fan blades that look like authentic goalie and player blades, a light fixture shaped in the form of a goalie mask and replica hockey pucks to finish off the hockey theme.  It is a perfect addition to your FANCAVE, Bedroom, Bar or Garage.

The Ultimate Hockey Fan is designed for real-life use.  Not only does it cool your room, it makes your room LOOK COOL!

We will partner with each school to design your own customized “Commemorative” Hockey Ceiling fan that resonates with your Hockey Program.  Each participating program will have their own link that they can share with their boosters, alumni, family, students and friends.  For every commemorative ceiling fan sold we will donate a portion of sales back to your Hockey program!! 

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