About Us

Paul Cohen wanted something unique to put the finishing touch on his family’s game room to fill the void of their high vaulted ceiling. A creation of his own hands and design, he used four goalie sticks paddles and blades and the “hockey ceiling fan” completed their game room.

Of course, it was quite the conversation piece as friends and visitors would constantly comment on the fan. It was unlike anything they had ever seen. Many folks asked Paul to create fans for their own homes, as they couldn’t find anything even remotely like its ingenuity on the web.

This drove Paul to turn his functional artistic piece of hockey art into a full-blown business. Paul spent his time relentlessly researching how to make this fan not only aesthetically appealing, but also very functional. He designed a functioning light fixture from his game worn goalie mask and to finish off the hockey theme he attached replica hockey pucks to the fan blades. The engineering was perfected, and the design was complete, he was ready to introduce “The Ultimate Hockey Fan” to the world.

We celebrate our passion for hockey by manufacturing unique hockey ceiling fans that add the “wow factor” to our customer’s homes. The ceiling fan comes with fan blades that look like authentic goalie and player blades, a light fixture shaped in the form of a goalie mask and replica hockey pucks to finish off the hockey theme. The hockey and goalie stick blades can be decorated with NHL, NCAA, Junior or youth hockey team logos/colors or fully customized. It is a perfect addition to your FANCAVE, Bedroom or Bar.

"Our goal is to exceed our customers satisfaction through superior authenticity and quality. Our hockey themed ceiling fans are manufactured in America to the highest standards that last. We are committed to giving customers the level of quality and customization they demand. The Ultimate Hockey Fan is designed for real life use.  Not only does it cool your room, it makes your room LOOK COOL!"