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Q. Do the fans really work?

Ans. Yes the ceiling fans are fully functional just like any other ceiling fan and they make your room look cool!

Q. Are they easy to install?

Ans. Yes the ceiling fans are easy to install and they come with an easy to follow instruction guide. If you are uncertain about the installation process please use a qualified electrician.
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Q. Do you make fully customized hockey fan blades?

Ans. Yes, we do design completely customized fan blades for youth and adult hockey teams, promotions, fundraisers and company gifting.
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Q. Do you design NHL team hockey ceiling fans?

Ans. Yes, our NHL team's hockey ceiling fans are hand made, designed with the kind of passion that a true hockey fan knows. Contact us at 1-813-442-7291.

Q. Can you add a name and number to NHL blades?

Ans. Yes, simply choose your favorite NHL teams and we will personalize each blade by adding you name and number.
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